Friday, June 30, 2017

Why Autograph Hounds Seek Out Jordan Spieth

Golf autographs have become big business in the world of memorabilia. From Masters flags to golf shirts, the field is wide open for a sig seeker to snag a possible future greats' name to turn over for a hefty profit.

Jordan Spieth, one of golf's young rising stars, as well as past heroes, can command big bucks for their names.

Kids usually get first dibs on signatures from the golfers and, according to a Golfworld article, tweens and teens are, surprisingly, in it for the $$$, even more so than adults. According to, a 2015 Masters flag with Jordan Spieth's name penned legibly can fetch more than $4,000. Illegibly, the same Spieth signature is valued at just under $1,500, still a hefty sum.

There are two takeaways from this type of autograph hunting - one positive, as assessed by Arnold Palmer, and another more biting sentiment from Brooks Koepka; guess who had the more positive take on the sig seekers?

Palmer said of pushy autograph hounds, that these guys have to make a living, too, going so far as to ensure his name was legible on all memorabilia and to mail out his autograph to fans' homes, costing him a small fortune, according to this insightful article.

What does Koepka think about pushy autograph seekers? For kids, no problem but for adults...probably not so nice, stating to one fan, "Because I'm not making your money today." Too harsh? Probably. Gone are the days of decorum that made Arnold the memorable superstar he is today.

Jordan Spieth's take on penning his name? No problem...most of the time... but kids get first dibs (maybe he should read the article in this blog). Spieth said, "I'm not appreciative of people who travel to benefit off other people's success, I enjoy signing, and sign for kids whenever we get the chance."

After reading this article, I have selected a few of my own golfer-signed memorabilia to see what/if it would bring me online riches.

1. Camilo Villegas autographed RBZ hat. I found a Cobra autographed hat signed by "Spiderman Villegas" but the price was only $29.99...this hat stays on my wall.

2. Keegan Bradley signed golf glove.

Although the golf glove I have is in a Srixon envelope, the glove Bradley signed on a Callaway glove is only fetching $69.99 on Ebay. Yet another memory to grace my collection.

3. Jordan Spieth BobbleHead Doll in the box from the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am - $80 and up to mid $100's but I am hopeful that his illustrious career will allow for an upward trend...not that I'm selling...

I also have a golf ball given to me by Annika Sorenstam which says, "Annika Rules" but it is only marked, not signed. Signed "Annika" golf balls fetch about $100 so, we ladies have some work to do in order to catch up with our male counterparts.

4. 2006 U.S. Open Hat signed by several well-known golfers including Ian Poulter (who drew a green for me) and Fred Funk. I found a similar hat online which is currently on the block for $180.

I have not gone out of my way to seek out autographs for my collection...these items were gifted through various means. Which golfer's autograph have you gotten...and how? Tag @Golf4Beginners on Twitter with a photo and comment below on this Golf for Beginners blog.

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Iain said...

As a father of a child who is obsessed with golf, Jordan Spieth is an ideal role model for my son. Jordan is well mannered, looks like he enjoys his craft and it is a sport personality. My son is glued to the TV when Jordan is playing, we have not seen him play live yet but that day is coming. Nice post.