Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Which #Golf Club In Your Bag Inspires the Most Confidence?

How many times per round do you pull the driver out of your golf bag...hybrids...putter? Which golf club do you reach for when the going gets tough? Which golf club can you NOT live without?

Sure, there are some golf clubs are are more utilitarian than others, that you need to make it through each round. The driver, in most cases, gets you off of the tee and your putter serves its purpose at the end of every single hole which means you're ON the green (unless, of course, you chip-in or get lucky with a hole-in-one).

Some golf clubs, however, serve several purposes, for example, my husband reaches for his 8-iron on the tee of some par-3's, when he's aiming for the green off the fairway and, one of his favorite shots is chipping using his 8-iron just off the green. I would say Barry has a stronger affinity for his 8-iron than for other clubs in his bag.

My favorite go-to club is my Titleist Vokey Spin-Milled Sand Wedge. Sure I use it out of the sand but I also reach for it to chip around the greens, when I'm flopping over a bunker and when I have about fifty yards remaining and I need a bit more feel in my hands to let the club do the work (when I'm landing the ball safely on the green). Yes, I do believe I play more confidently with my wedge.

Tour players have favorite "go-to" golf clubs as well. Here's a tweet from European Tour player John Hahn (@_JohnHahn) showing off his 58 degree Titleist SM6...aka "the buzz saw". Sure I could have shown a photo of my Vokey but this one is definitely more ...gritty:

When you swing a club well and make repeatable contact, it inspires confidence and you find other uses for it. For example, you may not be consistent with your driver and may reach for your 5-wood instead; you may suffer a bit in distance but getting the ball onto the fairway gives the club a favorable spin. so to speak.

It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it. 

    ~ Jack Nicklaus

Augusta Golf Instruction also adds that the reason you might have a favorite golf club could be the length of the club or the grip being "just right", which could mean that you have some clubs "with different lofts and lies which may perform very differently from the rest of the clubs in your bag." It might be time to get your golf clubs fitted by a professional. But, on the flip side, all of your clubs may well become your favorites!

Which golf club would you never part with...which club in your bag inspires the most confidence?
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Wayne Halm said...

Aloha Stacy,

Good post! Like you I like my Sand Wedge best. I can hit it 120 yards and use it for everything inside that. If I look long and hard at the spot I want the ball to land the Sand Wedge usually puts it there - now, whether or now I picked the right spot is a different matter.

A Hui Hou,

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