Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Would You Sport This Putter Cover on the Golf Course?

When golf fans deliberate about The Masters, it's usually with an eye on statistics but how many times is the term "fashion statement" used?

From Tiger Woods' golf clothes to Esquire's Best and Worst Dressed at The Masters list, style has become almost as important as the game. Yes, The Masters Green Jacket is safe from both remodel and extinction but designers have decided that, since the jacket remains green, maybe an azalea pattern is needed to go with it?

Rickie Fowler sports neon, Phil Mickelson looks groovy his now regular pinstripe attire, Tiger Woods' red shirts make a statement on Sunday and the ever vivacious Ian Poulter with his brightly striped plaid pants...is, well, always a fashion statement...with an exclamation point! Golf course fashion is becoming de rigueur and accessories from belts to shoes are now par for the course.

Poulter's company, IJP Designs, has decided that, in addition to his clothes looking ever so fashionable, so should the accessories, hence his newly created Azalea Jacket Limited Edition Putter Cover (see below). Blade and mallet styles will be available in limited supplies.


IJP Designs has created three additional putter covers to mark all four major tournaments. Wonder what we'll see for the U.S. Open?

What do you think? Is this putter cover something you would sport on the golf course?

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These Golf Store Online are very comfy and cool. The collar does not curl like the cotton shirts do. Great comfort for the heat.

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