Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Without Tiger Woods Golf Industry Explodes

Golf's billion-dollar economic impact is not dependent on Tiger Woods.




The World Golf Foundation released a report on the economic impact of the sport and found that the industry is significantly "bigger" than the motion picture and recording industry combined!


Charities have also benefitted from the game, to the tune of almost four billion dollars, more than any other sporting activity. Golfers are generous!


A press release in my email about the study, entitled "Golf 20/20", provided confirmation that golf has grown from sixty-two billion dollars in 2002 into a seventy-six billion dollar business, creating almost two million jobs in its development.


So, for all of the worriers (including Jack Nicklaus) who believe that the game of golf is dying, think again. Whether or not Tiger Woods ever plays again, or if cities like Tucson need to reassess the number of municipal golf courses it operates, the future is looking bright and game will go on.


Golf will have to change with the times, perhaps incorporating social media strategies and improving the value for the masses, but it is vibrant and more than just an enjoyable pastime, for many fans, players and businesses, it's a way of life!


Your thoughts?


Golf 20/20 Mission Statement: to galvanize the industry around strategic initiatives and grass roots activation to ensure the future vitality of the game of golf.


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Doug Janchik said...

Couldn't agree more... Also with the young studs coming up the ranks Rory, Keegan and more..I think golf is back on track. Golf needs to focus on Juniors. They are the future of the game.

Search Engine Optimization Seattle said...

Any effect Woods had on the game is in the rearview mirror. If a dozen years of Woods in the spotlight hasn't created avid golfers, it ain't gonna happen.

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