Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Tiger Woods really "finished" or will he break more golf records?

Last week, Drew Magary offered five reasons as to why he believes Tiger Woods is washed up or "finished" as a professional golfer. Think he's right?

Magary claimed that Tiger Woods "has put his entire being into chasing Nicklaus and we, as fans, have followed him for over a decade assuming that the record would eventually be in his grasp".


Because, "he has to know, deep down, that this doesn't mean anywhere near as much as it used to" the writer believes that Woods cannot ever return to his original greatness.

Here are the five reasons why Magary thinks Tiger Woods is washed up, will never break Jack Nicklaus' record nor will he ever be the golfer his fans want him to be:

1. What's the point?

2. He isn't made for this kind of adversity.

3. Other players are better now, and they aren't scared of him.

4. Turns out, Tiger Woods is not preternaturally immune to pressure.

5. He's not Tiger Woods anymore. So who is he?

Magary believes that the demise of Tiger Woods predominately lies in the scandal that followed him around for the past year and that his brand identity (his real persona) has suffered a fatal blow.

In my opinion, a person with the right mental attitude can rebound from any type of adversity and it can actually make that person stronger. Although it may take some time to shake off the effects of the past year (he should have taken the year off from golf), Tiger Woods will come back with more resolve and the fans will forget his infidelity.

Tiger Woods' new "player" persona may actually increase his popularity in the long run!

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