Friday, February 19, 2010

Mom forgives Tiger Woods; does it really matter what his fans think?

An understandably weepy Tiger Woods humbled himself before family and friends today to apologize for his indiscretions. Did you feel sorry for him?

I felt bad for his mom, watching her downward-cast eyes glowering noticeably away from Tiger's gaze as he spoke directly to her, espousing the importance of his Buddist upbringing and his wandering eye. Was her forgiving hug at the end of the speech out of pity or comfort?

I felt even sadder for Elin and the kids who smartly chose to avoid the circus which Woods decided was an important step towards his recovery. Tiger probably should never have even mentioned the wife and partner who stood by his side during his indiscretions as it sullied her name. Why re-hash the vision of her swinging a golf club at him?

Still, today's self-imposed "intervention" was a step that Tiger Woods felt he needed towards recovery. The public is always ready to forgive, but will we ever forget? Most of the world is guilty of their own sins and would like forgiveness when the time calls for it.

Remember Marv Alpert's sex crime or the time Charles Barkley threw a bar patron threw a window? These two in particular re-invented themselves but there are a bevy more to choose from.

Will this kill the Tiger Woods spirit of competition? Will he be able to return with the same fervor to attack records of the great Jack Nicklaus? Only time will tell.

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Just in case you missed the Tiger Woods Press Conference, you can watch it here: Tiger Woods Press Conference Video Link

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