Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wie's void filled by Tadd Fujikawa, relax your swing without drugs or alcohol and how you can play the best courses in the world

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Although Zach Johnson created excitement at the Sony Open winning by a stroke against Toms and Scott, it was fan favorite Tadd Fujikawa whom the cameras followed with the same fervor as when Michelle Wie played here.

And why not? Both Hawaiian teenagers have caused quite a stir with solid length off the tee, hustling to create opportunities to keep them in the game. Wie's claim to fame to date has been her numerous exemptions with slim success into men's events while Fujikawa has earned his way in, with congratulations flowing from guys like 2007 Masters winner Johnson who consider Tadd, "borderline phenom."

Michelle Wie, once considered a "phenom", has finally taken the necessary steps to ingratiate herself with the LPGA Tour, hoping to reinvent herself and get the fans behind her once more. It is nice to see her name listed in the roster. There were huge crowds following Tadd this weekend, hoping to see the short, stout-framed teen make the cut and put pressure on the leaders.

With the season-opening LPGA event in Turtle Bay and Michelle faring well out of the gate, Wie could easily make this combo a one-two Hawaiian punch!

Kidzworld.com thinks these two would make a great couple. "Perhaps he'll hit a growth spurt and she won't wear heels?"

Aside from a blatant man/woman distinction, Golfchannel.com jokingly calls this a "game of inches" noting that Fujikawa almost shot his height this weekend, 62, which would be easier for Wie to do on any given day considering par is a very likely score.

This week we discuss the Fujikawa/Wie phenomenon as well as offer an easy drill from Jim Flick which could help to relax you before a round of golf.

We also talk about the 3-Trak technology behind About Golf high-tech indoor simulators and the PGA Tour's agreement to partner with this innovative leader. With Immersive Play Technology, the PGA Tour hopes that the average golfer will soon be able to actually feel as if they are on golf courses once only available to professional golfers or amateurs with plenty of bucks to spend. But I ask, while in this simulator, can you flip grass into the air to determine the wind direction?

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