Monday, December 22, 2008

Nicklaus builds a golf town, will Tiger Woods erect a city? Also, playing in the zone.

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Don't tell Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods that the country is in a recession and that the rest of the world is suffering as well because neither will believe you. Both golfers have moved forward with plans to build high-end communities in spite of the downward trend perhaps hoping that the number of "haves" will be enough to pave the way for future development.

Nicklaus, for example, has just entered into an agreement with Grupo Viveros to create a private town complete with two hotels, marina, airstrip, hangars, two hundred fifty high-end villas as well as a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course on a currently uninhabited island off the coast of Panama. Oceanfront lot prices start at $530,000.

Tiger Woods, is working on courses in Dubai, Punta Brava and in the high Carolina area where two of Jack Nicklaus' Signature golf courses are already situated alongside of courses designed by Gary Player and Tom Fazio.

Woods mentioned recently during his tour of the Punta Brava site, "My goal is to design a collection of amazing golf courses around the world." Following in Nicklaus' footsteps as he has chosen to do will be a lifelong venture as the Golden Bear currently has 337 courses open for play in 33 countries with 55 golf courses and projects under construction in 45 different countries.

Will Tiger Woods find filling the shoes of Jack Nicklaus an easy feat and will he be able to conquer all of Nicklaus' accomplishments both on and off the golf course? Nicklaus recently stated that he doesn't want Tiger to break his records. Do you blame him? Just ask kids today if they ever heard of the Beatles and about their contribution to music. Nicklaus just doesn't want to fade into obscurity.

As for the race for "best golfer ever", Woods may well be on his way to beating Nicklaus' record but, with a recurring bum knee thrown into the equation, only time will tell.

In this week's Golf for Beginners broadcast, we discuss "King" Nicklaus atop his huge empire and Tiger Woods' need to build equally large scale private communities for the wealthy. With the assistance of Joan King we also identify "the Zone" and discuss ways that the average golfer can use the mental game to their advantage.

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