Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Michelle Wie ditches Stanford for LPGA Tour; Bivens celebrates. Also, unusual golf rules and easy driver drills

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"I finally feel like I really earned it!" claimed a relieved Michelle Wie after realizing that she had, in fact, secured a place on the LPGA Tour for the 2009 season. This time there was no exemption, no secure feeling that Wie would just arrive and everyone would cater to her every whim. Michelle was on her own and at the end of a grueling week it felt as liberating as "high school graduation".

Wie has clearly been offered the easy route throughout her career but that isn’t necessarily the best way to attain a goal. It can make you soft, easily distracted and can weaken your determination, as it did to Michelle, being given fifty-three exemptions over the past seven years as well as contracts through Sony, Nike and Omega.

Her drive was replaced with crybaby fits, deciding how best to leave an event and how to blame everyone but herself if the weather or the situation was uncooperative. She was young, claimed the media, urging golf afficionados to be patient and watch as she blossomed into maturity.

Now a new grown-up Wie is emerging, hoping that the ladies of the LPGA Tour who have scorned her in the past will be a bit more accommodating now that she has gone the proper route. She intends to work hard and is "looking forward to people having that high expectation of me."

David Leadbetter made mention that Wie would stick with the LPGA Tour and would not participate in men’s events for at least a few years. Michelle countered his opinion by stating, "I still definitely want to pursue that." It’s not a bad thing to want something but it is in Michelle’s best interests right now to concentrate on the task at hand; that is, making a name for herself on the LPGA Tour.

Carolyn Bivens attempted to maintain her composure mentioning some of the other great players who are going to improve the visibility of the 2009 LPGA Tour. Although Q-School medalist Stacy Lewis was prominently mentioned as she should be, and Michelle Wie’s name was deliberately left off until the end, it was understandable how Bivens must feel relieved that the new year should bring a bevy of deals to the ailing tour.

Perhaps Bivens, Leadbetter and Wie should take this quote to heart by Alexander Pope who stated, 'Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed'.

This week on our Golf for Beginners show we congratulate Michelle Wie on her LPGA Tour accomplishment with Barry cynically querying if PGA Q-School is next for the recent "graduate". We also have some great golf tips from the PGA website on how to drive the ball better and some unusual rules we found in the 2008-11 Golf Rules Quick Reference Guide.

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