Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tiger Woods rebuilding Mexico for blue-bloods and thinking outside the tee box

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Please don't say that Tiger Woods is becoming an elitist!

I always thought that Woods' upbringing was middle-class Cablinasian , entering the sport at a bit of a disadvantage but now it appears to me as if Tiger Woods is becoming one of them...that is, corporate, blue-blooded American. Even his name, Tiger, seems much more of a terrific marketing ploy than Eldrick, a name in which his father tagged him after being saved by a South Vietnamese soldier during the war.

Woods believes, before even building his new golf course in Punta Brava, that it will rival Pebble Beach! Nattily clad at a press conference at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, Tiger said, "When you get to No 12 it is similar to No 8 at Pebble Beach."

Ah but there IS a difference between Pebble Beach and Punta Brava, dear Tiger. Pebble Beach, although woefully expensive to tee off from, is public and Punta Brava will be private and, as Woods mentioned, "safe".

Perhaps Woods is building up his new course as a way of building his high-end brand (as Tim McDonald believes)?

As anal as he is with his golf game, so is he with his golf course. Tiger Woods "walked three and a half hours on site and had to have surgery the next day," mentioned Brady Oman, Flagship Group co-founder and one business partner in the deal.

Another surgery? Maybe el Tigre is tired of playing the game and is now resorting to, well, resorts? Despite a slumping economy, there are still plenty of wealthy individuals who would pay upward of $3 million dollars for a plot of land where Tiger plans to settle himself. Although Woods is 'mum' on his return, he has mentioned that he won't be 100% until 2010!

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Source: Lexington Herald-Leader - Lexington, United States

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