Monday, October 08, 2007

Natalie Gulbis outmaneuvered by Michelle Wie, the importance of the impact zone and the divot

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Michelle Wie has finally slipped below the top-fifty golfers on the official Rolex Rankings.

Obviously, Samsung World Championship officials have not had the opportunity to view the latest rankings because, if they had done their homework, I'm sure they might have discussed an alternate approach to the teenager who was given this special exemption.

Does Michelle Wie deserve an accolade designed for an elite field consisting of the defending champ, the LET money leader, the four major championship winners and the balance of the top-twenty on the money list?

But, then again, put yourself in her position. Would you give up your spot in a tournament so that Natalie Gulbis can have a shot at $250k? Not likely.

Gulbis would have been the twentieth entrant, if not for Michelle Wie's special exemption. Annika Sorenstam recently turned down a special invitation given to an active World Golf Hall of Fame member (and five-time winner of this event) because she didn't want to take a spot from a deserving golfer.

Hopefully, Michelle Wie will not disappoint, but, as Barry mentions when asked about his thoughts on the teenager, his answer is always the same. "Want to see Michelle Wie's name on top of the leaderboard? Just flip it upside down!"

Other features in this week's Golf for Beginners podcast include golf tips from the latest Golf Digest magazine. We talk about Bobby Clampett's basics which include achieving proper impact and taking a divot. Barry also discusses his round and how tips from last week's podcast helped reduce the amount lost in his weekly Nassau.

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