Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mike Weir proves Tiger Woods is human and how to save your own round from going downhill

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Tiger Woods scrambled to keep pace in his Presidents Cup singles match against Mike Weir, that is a given. Not many can make a comeback as Woods did on Sunday, rebounding from a 3-hole deficit halfway through the match but Tiger confirmed one thing and that is, it can be done.

Although Woods conceded the final hole handing the win to Weir, he got his round back on track. As Weir acknowledged, "He didn't have his best day and I had my best day. That's the way you're going to beat the best player."

Granted we are not in the same league as either Tiger or Mike Weir so what can the amateur golfer do when floundering during a round? Golf for Beginners gives advice on how to avoid a meltdown in this week's podcast.

As for the "guffaws" made earlier in the week by the International Team about Phil Mickelson, they were silenced as Lefty easily proved his mettle in his singles match against Vijay Singh. Phil was looking to return the joke by wearing longer metal spikes. "I honestly couldn't find any in the locker room," Mickelson claimed. "I thought it would be funny."

This week's episode also offers ideas on how to play your best golf even when there is no time to practice before your round. A David Leadbetter recommendation for controlling distance is also featured.

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