Monday, July 09, 2007

Think like a professional golfer, 14 putters in your bag and tips for escaping the rough

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The rough can be very rough! That's not just a play on words either! Just ask professional golfers at a tournament like the U.S. Open and they will probably just shake their heads while remembering a shot that buried deep into the thick stuff and the feeble attempts made at dislodging that ball in a single stroke.

This week Golf for Beginners gives tips for saving strokes from the rough with the help of a 2003 Golf Magazine and golf instructor Mike Lopuszynski.

We also discuss using different golf clubs in lieu of your putter. Remember, you have fourteen clubs in your bag, each with varying amounts of loft. We'll help you decide which iron (or wood) is better for situations you may encounter. Try being creative!

Finally, do you think like a professional golfer or are you stuck with an amateur outlook? Dr. Richard Coop's advice will have you thinking about your target and not sweating over that little white ball in front of you.

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