Monday, July 16, 2007

Mickelson implodes despite Harmon's instruction, Leadbetter helps create wedge spin and dealing with overly chatty golfers

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Butch Harmon has really helped Phil Mickelson achieve a better golf game. Because of his tutelage, Mickelson has rallied to victory and earned several top ten's on the PGA Tour. Even Lefty's driving accuracy has improved. Well, up until the Scottish Open.

Was it the driver that let Phil down once again or was it the mental pressure of playing head-to-head against little known European Tour pro golfer Havret, the Frenchman who had nothing to lose and everything to gain?

This week we discuss Golf Digest Magazine's ranking of the top fifty instructors and give you a an easy golf tip on the driver from number-one teacher Butch Harmon. Harmon's golf tips have helped Mickelson and they can help you too!

Number-two ranked golf instructor, David Leadbetter, helps us with another important part of the golf game, namely wedge play. We found a simple tip from Leadbetter which can help you put spin on the ball when you need it.

Did you know, Mickelson's average clubhead speed for pitch shots is 87 miles per hour?

Finally we offer possible solutions to an overly chatty golfer who joins your group without ruining your own concentration!

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