Monday, May 21, 2007

Michelle Wie "Dancing with the Stars" at the Samsung, hybrid tip and an email asks lefty or righty?

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Will Michelle Wie accept an invitation to the Samsung World Championship in October, "Dancing with the Stars" of the LPGA's finest?

The PGA Tour's John Deere Classic is also awaiting a response from Wie, B.J. Wie that is, to confirm her status in yet another PGA Tour event. In the interim, swing coach David Leadbetter is probably wishing that he hadn't mentioned Wie's possibility to "commit herself" to the women's tour.

She has the right stuff and everyone, including Golf for Beginners, wish that she would take the step from competitor to winner. We offer Wie a mental game tip from Dr. Robert K. Winters, a sports psychologist whose tip we found on the David Leadbetter website.

We follow up with a discussion of the hybrid, how efficient it is compared to long irons and how to use ball position and proper setup to maximize each shot you take with it. You may never use a three-iron again!

Finally, a beginner asks what golf clubs she should purchase, left or right-handed?

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mediaguru @ said...

Michelle who?

Stacy said...

Very funny fellow golfer!

Maybe she'll surprise everyone and do well at the Ginn Tribute!

Anonymous said...

This is a bit late to comment now i think :) Michelle is one of my fav female golfer