Sunday, March 04, 2007

Golf Podcast: Woods and Mickelson: PGA Tour royalty? Divot-Rite training aid and stop chunking the chips!

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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are two of the best known "celebrity" golfers on the PGA Tour, but are they becoming royalty? Is the PGA Tour controlling the action or are the powers-that-be allowing them too much leniency?

This week's question on "How we see it" is:

Do Tiger and Phil have a responsibility to both the fans and the PGA Tour to play in more events?

After all, in most other sports, you don't get to choose when you play.

Sometimes the simplest devices can be the most effective. Divot-Rite has created a golf training aid which is supposed to correct one of the most popular swing faults of the average golfer, namely hitting the ball "fat". This small, plastic swing trainer also develops proper alignment, stance and shot accuracy. Does Divot-Rite work? Listen to this week's review and find out!

While using Divot-Rite, Barry and I thought it would be great to offer up a golf tip specifically about how to avoid hitting the golf ball "fat" while chipping.

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