Friday, June 16, 2006

Phil Mickelson uses special driver at the U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson isn't fooling around this week at the >U.S. Open. He came to Winged Foot with a strategy. He had created a single driver "that was a bit shorter and had a little bit more stable head". Still a bit dissatisfied, Mickelson feels more comfortable with the "fade driver" that he "used at Augusta".

Not only has he removed a driver but his three-wood as well.

Lefty has also included another "wedge" because as Mickelson stated Tuesday in the USGA media center:

"...a new 64-degree wedge to help get it out of this rough with a lot less bounce and to help me hit higher, softer bunker shots. Because the bunkers are so deep here and there's so much undulation on the green, I want it coming in as soft as possible."

Mickelson's golf tips can help anyone's game. He really is a master out of bunkers and out of the short rough near the green. The average golfer can benefit from a solid golf game from within 100 yards.

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