Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tiger Woods not the only "cat" on the golf course, play extreme golf, putting tips and what's YOUR handicap?

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From bobcats to alligators, animals on the golf course can wreak havoc with a golfer's game. But what happens when they attack? Two men recently found out and Barry and I report about it in our own inimitable way.

We also talk about the other ways in which people enjoy golf, from an extreme viewpoint, that is!

Our "golf tips" section focuses on both putting and building confidence.

It's also time to sign up for your handicap if you have not already done so.

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Last but not least, a hearty congratulations to 2006 Masters winner Phil Mickelson from Stacy, your number-one lefty fan! You've got great game!

And WKW, praise me instead...I was the only one to pick Phil Mickelson this week, by way of podcast and blog!

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