Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interview with a PGA professional (part 1), U.S. Open qualifying, golf tips for the tee box and a different way to hit the fairway

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Our golf podcast moves along at a brisk pace this week and is chock full of instruction mostly provided to you by PGA Professional Martin Nolletti. I had the opportunity to sit down with my coach from Fairview Golf Center and his simple tips are perfect for both the beginner as well as the advanced player. Listen to part one this week.

Golf cart oddities and an unbelievable "save" on the fairway are brought to you in our own inimitable way.

Over 8,000 entries were accepted by the USGA for the 2006 U.S. Open but if you were interested in playing it's too late as the deadline has now passed.

Here are a couple of "fun facts" about this year's qualifying (as compiled by Mike Overhiser, USGA):

Three guys named "Tiger" entered (we all know ONE of them). There are twelve "Wood" and nine "Woods".

At the time the US Open is played this June the youngest qualifier will be only thirteen (move over Dakoda Dowd). Can you guess the age of the oldest qualifier?

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