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Wie and Pressel in Celebrity Death Match?

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Morgan Pressel and Michelle Wie duke it out! quoted Pressel as saying, "I don't think she (Wie) needs an exemption. I've been through qualifying. Everybody who doesn't make it on the money list, other amateurs, other professionals that aren't members of the tour, they all have to go through qualifying, too. I don't see why she shouldn't, or why she should be afraid, or expect an exemption."

This week's "Blogger Weekly" had a field day with this one, quoting bloggers who agree wholeheartedly with Pressel. Of course fought back claiming, "Teenage girls can be so catty… about LPGA exemptions. Wie earned her Women’s Open exemption because her virtual winnings in events she participated in would have put her into the top 35 on the LPGA money list." MEOW!

This readers, is great for professional women's golf. More interest creates more advertising dollars which fuels the sport. I'm really happy about that and will continue to report on this subject and on women's golf in general.

My personal opinion tends to agree with Pressel but allowing Michelle Wie to play in such a venue would undoubtedly increase appeal in the LPGA. Purses will increase and the ladies sport will continue to gain momentum. Just look how much interest was generated when Michelle Wie played golf at the Sony Open?

Our question of the day comes from Karl at He asks, "When do you consider yourself a golfer?"
Check out our response and think about when you officially became a golfer.

We also talk about the Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro-Am. Although Phil Mickelson won wire-to-wire in 2005 he wasn't so lucky this week. He wound up with a 77 in final round action. This wasn't his best event and I sure hope Phil watches the tape and corrects his mistakes. The Masters is coming up in the blink of an eye.

And just a few handicaps which might intrigue our readers.

Our favorite player at the Pro-Am was undoubtedly Bill Murray who actually enjoys this tournament and isn't afraid to show it. His clothes fit his mood and his 14 handicap is very respectable. Murray has a membership at Sleepy Hollow CC right down the road from our house and although we have taken lessons there before, we haven't played golf there yet with Bill!

Other interesting handicaps include:
Dennis Quaid - 2 handicap
Andy Garcia - 11 handicap
Donald Trump - 6 handicap
Tommy Smothers - 18 handicap

And, did you know that Olympian downhill skier Bode Miller plays to a 10 handicap?

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