Thursday, January 26, 2006

Review: TaylorMade R5 Driver

TaylorMade R5 DriverHello golfers. My husband Barry went through a big selection process in order to find the driver of his dreams so I asked him how he finally selected the TaylorMade R5 Driver and if he would share it with our audience. It was harrowing, what with the huge selection of drivers, offsets, shafts and all the salespeople that are intent upon selling you golf clubs TODAY!

We hope this might help those of you who are a little intimidated by going shopping a few times and picking the brains of the sales staff at your local store but I promise, when you have done both your homework and tried out a few clubs (making sure you have tried the same golf club more than once), you will appreciate the time and information you spent just to get the right golf club or set of clubs.

And a tip for the ladies out there.

On one hand I wanted to go with Barry to make sure he would get just the driver that he wanted but it was a LONG process and a bit boring. I mean, how many hours can you play with the new putters on tour? At some point even watching golf at the store seems a bit cumbersome. But remember, it's all for your man. Barry really appreciated the fact that I helped him by questioning him and making sure that he wasn't lulling himself into a false sense of security at the store. They have these simulators which can really make you think you're hitting the golf club like a professional. The trouble starts when you get the golf club home and realize it isn't the stick but the golfer behind the stick. The good news is that some of these stores offer return policies. Make sure that you ask about your store's policies before you finalize your purchase.

At this point I'm turning our blog over to Barry. If any of our readers have any questions about how to properly select a golf club that will last you a few years, please feel free to contact us at

Editorial by: Barry Solomon

Stacy misplaced my original blog on how I purchased my new TaylorMade R5 driver. When I first wrote the article I was very excited about my purchase. It was magic. I drove further and straighter than ever before. That was four months ago. So I guess I should start at the beginning.

I visited my local Golfsmith store because they have two great computerized hitting booths. You see I don't buy new clubs very often and I wanted to be as certain as I could that the club I chose would be best suited for me.

The booth is a great tool. It measures spin rate, ball speed, ball launch angle and much more. I would recommend anyone buying new clubs use a booth to make their purchase.

I spent three hours hitting many different drivers, I narrowed it down to three. The Cleveland Launcher, the TaylorMade R5 Type "N" and the Adams Redline RPM.

I compared all three with similar shafts and tip kick. It became a close race between the Cleveland Launcher and the TaylorMade R5. My final decision was based on the lower spin rate. I purchased the magical R5 with a standard shaft, stiff tip, no offset [neutral] and 9.5 degree of loft (and it's got a 450cc clubhead for that "substantial look that promotes confidence") but the specifications allow for any number of "tweakings" for a proper fit. You can even compare the new R7's to the R5's at TaylorMade's website.

TaylorMade offers a Type "D" (meaning draw) but I can make the ball draw on my own and am not trying to "cure" a slice.

I love my driver. I wow the people in my foursome with 275-300 yard playable drives. Even my bad hits are playable and 250 yards long. But the magic in the club is gone. It's all up me now, and I think I like it that way.

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