Sunday, January 29, 2006

Phil Mickelson: The Man We Love to Hate

Pink iPodGolf for beginners 01-29-06 episode twelve continues with our hole-in-one series as we discuss's recent 140 yard, par-3 drop-in. No one was there to see it, he was not keeping score and it happened in the off-season.

Does it count?

We also like to watch the Golf Channel's latest series of shows. The Daly Show is one of our favorites due to Big John's lovable and zany attitude about the world and his position in it. Big Break V: Hawaii has some pretty big shoes to fill. Big Break III was loaded with catfights and memorable moments thanks to Danielle Amiee and Pam Crikelair.

This week's "Blogger Weekly" section focuses on PGA fashion mavens Sergio Garcia and Jesper Parnevik. It seems that the two have done a bit of a "flip-flop". I almost didn't recognize Parnevik today. He looked as if he was attending a funeral. Sergio's style is now more colorful. He's also losing that "little boy look" but I like the new Sergio.

Phil Mickelson and I have something in common. We're both lefties! The lefty movement is growing. No longer are we forced to switch sides. Now there are lots of options lefties like myself. And the prices are no different.

Not to pick on Phil but he really didn't have one of his greatest moments today at the Buick Invitational. Learn what Phil Mickelson's nickname really stands for…FIGJAM. Some type of jelly? gives us a list of the Ten Most Hated Athletes as asked of by their peers. Mickelson is #8 but who made the top five?

Congratulations to Tiger Woods on his 47th win at the Buick Invitational!

Congrats also to Olazabal and Green.

Did you know that once at the Australian Masters, Nathan Green had both a hole-in-one and won $500,000 dollars in the same day?


Greg said...

I'm getting an error when trying to listen to the podcast:

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I tried it from work with the same result (from work, shame on me!!).

The other podcasts work fine. Anyone else getting this error?

Enjoying your blog,

Stacy said...

Thanks for listening Greg!
I have fixed the problem.

I create the podcast on my iMac. I just got onto my laptop and noticed the error with Windows Media Player.

And everyone is entitled to a break at work ;-)