Sunday, January 15, 2006

Michelle Wie Sent Packing!

In Pink iPodGolf for beginners 01-15-06 episode ten we blog about Shigeki Maruyama's expensive habits and love of clothes, Greg Norman's empire which tops $160 million and relate one of our listener's hole-in-one stories.

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Our new segment is entitled "Blogger Weekly". With every new podcast we will scour the internet to search the blogs for the latest talk on the web. This week's discussion is all about Michelle Wie's failed attempt to make the cut at the 2006 Sony Open. Although she tried valiantly for two days, her mistakes on the first day cost her a chance at a weekend layover. The question is not only about her ability to make the cut in a PGA Tournament but whether or not "The Big Wiesy" should try winning in the LPGA Tour first and then try her hand in another PGA tournament. The quotes and websites we turned to this week are listed below. Barry and I have inserted our own commentary on our Golf for Beginners podcast as well. states:
"Michelle Wie should now focus her golf career on the LPGA Tour. My guess is that this is going to be the sentiment of 99% of all golf bloggers and sports writers and it is true. She has done basically nothing on the LPGA. She needs to get into the grind of the tour and win some tournaments. She doesn’t even need to win majors right away. She just needs to start making her mark on the LPGA, period."

Suzanne at writes,
"After cheering for Annika and Michelle to make the cut, I have to wonder why they are attempting to compete against their male counterparts. For Annika to do so, I understand better. She's the number one ladies golfer in the world and she wants to see how her game compares against the men.

I question why Michelle, who hasn't won yet an LPGA event, has set such unreasonably high expectations for herself." states:
"She will make a cut on the men’s tour and she will win many LPGA tournaments in her career. When she does, these tournaments will be a distant memory. She is just getting warmed up. Despite what critics say, we have not heard the last or even the beginning of Michelle Wie." quotes Wie's playing partner on day two, Chris Couch:
“Some guys don’t like it. But if she can make it out here, I’d love to see it,” Couch said. “Look at what it’s done for this tournament. If you’re going to give anyone an exemption, it might as well be her.”

Michelle Wie actually answered this question herself when Mark Rolfing from The Golf Channel posed it to her: “Which would give you more satisfaction, making the cut in a PGA tournament, or winning on the LGPA?”

Michelle replied: "I would choose both. Winning an LPGA tournament would be awesome because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And making the cut on the PGA would be a whole different feeling, to be able to do something no one else has ever done.” You tell him Michelle!

I'll be searching the blogs on the 'net this week to see what the hottest weekly stories are and will post commentary on next week's segment of "Blogger Weekly".

Until then, play good golf!

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