Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where Do You Put Your Ball Marker?

What kind of ball marker do you use?

I personally like my gold Sackegeweya dollar but I will also use one of those new, shiny quarters floating around. There are so many people who swear by a coin which they found on the floor that eventually won them a tournament or an heirloom which was special to someone they once knew. Some people don't even know what markers they use to hold the spot for their golf ball. They take whatever they find out of their golf bag, right down to the tee they used at address.

While watching the HSBC Championship in Shanghai, China last night I heard that Colin Montogmery places his ball marker in his back pocket when he is done marking his golf ball. That got me to thinking that I, too, place my ball marker conveniently in my back left pocket.

I do this for convenience. My glove is on my right hand (I'm a left-handed golfer) so it's easier for me to reach into my back pocket to grab my marker.

Some people put their ball marker in their front pocket. I personally don't like doing that as the pants I'm wearing usually have this slightly tighter, uncomfortable band across the top of the pocket which rubs against my hand. Sometimes my ball marker drops back out of my hand and back into my pocket.

My husband regularly places his marker in his front pocket.

So where do you place your ball marker when you're done using it? Bet you never thought about it before!

Photo Credit: © Unknown.

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