Monday, February 21, 2005

Lefty Golfer At Myrtle Beach

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You know, I write for many sites that I don't know which one to finally choose to download this pic that I found on my computer! It works out the same because your thoughts get out there, into the world.
Here's my golf pic...a reminder of what it was like to play golf in Myrtle Beach. Usually, my husband and I play golf on the publinks, so this is truly a rarity!

Okay, I just realized that when you post a blog on Flickr, it automatically sends the blog to blogspot...hmmm...quite interesting! I'm going to have to find more pics!

Well, since I'm here, I'll say that although I understand the PGA's ruling about the Nissan Open, I'm disappointed. I watched the playoff this morning, Adam Scott against Chad Campbell. Too bad for Chad, but, those are the breaks!

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