Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reputation management needed for Michelle Wie?

Michelle_wie In the span of a few days I received three press releases about LPGA golfers; two spoke about achievements in the sport and one, about Michelle Wie, offered insight into her “favorite things.”

 The achievements of the first two golfers, Lorena Ochoa and Paige MacKenzie, were self-explanatory. Ochoa is being honored with an EWGA Leadership award next month at the organization’s annual Golfpalooza gathering for her philanthropist efforts. MacKenzie is being appointed as sports ambassador for the National Association of Professional Women.

As for the press release regarding Michelle Wie, I concluded it to be a prime example of reputation management. Although Wie has shown herself to be a charitable sort thereby offering up a positive view of herself, some golf fans in a recent article referred to her as an overrated mishandled "has-been" with no clue how to win. (I didn’t say this folks. You can read comments here.)

The comments were in response to Michelle’s angry behavior demonstrated last week at the HSBC Women's Champions tournament in Singapore. Wie tossed her golf club and shouted an expletive (or two) after a mishit drive. Although she apologized after the round, her reaction did not go unnoticed by the media and by fans of the sport. The crowd was spurred on to criticize her most recent act while also reacting to her past seven years of unimpressive results and her flair for the dramatic.

A team from USGA, U.S. Women’s Open and Kohler immediately put together positive press to counter the growing resentment. Whether good or bad, isn't it important for women’s golf to get some publicity?

 Wie and Co. have created a money machine (Nike, Sony, McDonalds and Kia, to name a few of her sponsors) with her agents and parents very much in control of the purse strings.

The LPGA and women’s golf in general sorely need attention, good press rarely gets any visibility nowadays and Wie has always been a figure who is larger than life so why not utilize her to help get more eyes on the sport?
So, without further adieu, here are a few of Michelle Wie’s favorite things:
· Her dog, Lola
· Baking vegan cookies and muffins
· Painting and drawing
· Classic golf movies like “Caddyshack” and “Happy Gilmore”, as well as the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” series
· Blogging and tweeting
· All kinds of music, from Justin Bieber to Lady Antebellum to The Jakes

And so, now Michelle Wie's positive side has been shown and we're all full of the "warm fuzzies". Which do you prefer to see and comment upon?

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photo credit: outcomemag.com


Anonymous said...

Well, it's boys' club season again to take cheap pot shots at Michelle Wie ... and to join in the fun while pretending to be concerned for her welfare.

What a hypocrite you are.

Benjamin Ehinger said...

She just needs to play some better golf and she will be fine. I've caught Tiger using a few bad words from time to time and most golfers do when things are not going all that well.

Mike said...

I agree - she is more of a celebrity than a famous golfer. She brings new people to the sport and is a good player. I have nothing against her... but do think her parents took advantage of her youth.

Unknown said...

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