Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Golf courses that inspire an Unfolding Drama

If you are a fan of the beauty and majesty of golf courses and how they fit seemlessly into the constructs of nature, then you will love "Golf's Unfolding Drama", a new ebook created by master photographer Evan Schiller.

From the cover which displays the 7th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links (where Tiger Woods will make his 2012 debut) to the 3rd hole at Ballyneal, nature appears to be effortlessly captured and displayed; but it's not without studying the course in advance. The "timing and angle of the sun's rays on each fairway and green" are necessary, states Schiller, in order to determine optimum conditions for each photograph.

Capturing drama is a challenge and although Evan has photographed hundreds of golf courses in the past twenty years, Schiller admits, "I’ve also waited hours—even days—to capture many a photograph, anticipating something wonderful to unfold at any moment only to have nothing materialize. At other times, it has just been sheer luck."

Take a tour of Evan Schiller's website, Golfshots.com, and view his collection of golf course photography from all over the world (yes, you will ooh and aah as you click through the gallery) and then head over to iTunes.com to learn more about "Golf's Unfolding Drama". 

This book is "specially designed for the iPad" and available for download on an iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch. I'm sure that one of these extraordinary photos will find their way onto your computer's main screen. My copy of Evan Schiller's 2012 Golf Shots Calendar designs my wall with this month's feature, the extraordinary 15th hole at Ko'olau Golf Club in Kaneohe, Hawaii...simply stunning...and makes me feel as if I'm on vacation even when it's thirty degrees outside!



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Gerry Wendel said...

Golf photography is so beautiful...so much green. No, not trying to be punny. I love the rich green of the grass!

golf for beginners said...

Agree Gerry. And Evan really knows when to take the shot.

Wolfie said...

The beauty of golf courses is one of things that makes this a great game. Where ever you go, the game is the same but the change in scenery can provide something special.

Nice read Stacy!

Anonymous said...

Stacy...check out this golf course. I used to live in St. Thomas and this place would drop anyone's jaw.


Promotional Golf Gifts said...

I love Pebble! The real inspiration is on #8. The par 4 just after the hole depicted. Jack Nicklaus called it the best par 4 on the planet.

Thomas said...

The beauty of golf courses is one of things that makes this a great game.I love the rich green of the grass! infact i am in love with the game

Unknown said...

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