Wednesday, January 04, 2017

How to Choose Your New Year's Golf Equipment

Rory McIlroy has decided not to commit to a golf equipment company for the 2017 golf season. The freedom to "have a little look around" is easy to do if you are one of the top golfers in the world but, how do you decide which golf clubs are right for you if you are an amateur player itching for a new adjustable driver, wedge or putter?

Golf Clubs and ball
Testing golf clubs to find the one that suits you can be an ordeal; professionals live in an entirely different world as golf clubs are mixed, matched and custom-fitted for each players' swing from changing lofts on clubheads to switching out top-of-the-line shafts for their swing speeds.

No endorsements for the average player means we have to take a different route to get to the right clubs for our golf game!

How does the average consumer choose the best golf clubs for his or her amateur status? Here are a few tips compiled by Golf for Beginners to get you off to a good start so that you are game ready for the new year!

1. Demo Days: It is always a good idea to try golf clubs before you hone in on a brand you are comfortable with; demo days at your local driving range and/or course allow you to hit different clubs in a compatible setting. Pick up several different brands and experiment with loft, clubheads and more - a blade might feel better at point of impact than a hybrid.

1. Custom Club Fitting: No matter which golf club you decide upon, you need to be properly measured before leaving the store with that brand new Callaway driver or set of Ping irons.

One size does NOT fit all! Get measured for:

a.  Lie
b.  Length
c.  Swing speed (flex of the shaft).

2. Grip it...then rip it! Grip size and comfort is as important as the golf club you are swinging so make sure it fits just right in your hands.

3. Golf Ball - just as important as the club. Do you need more distance? Do you need more feel and want a softer impact? Don't forget to get fitted to the correct golf ball for your swing speed.

4. Shoes are part of your equipment! Where you may think that all you need is the right golf club, whether or not you walk nine or eighteen holes, the shoes make all the difference so make comfort your top priority.

a. Size Does Matter! Footjoy states that "more than 70% of people are wearing the wrong size." Too narrow or too wide and your feet could be swimming or crumbled up for four hours (or more) of torture forcing you to concentrate on the wrong part of your game.

What golf tips can you add to this golf blog? Feel free to comment in the section below and tag @Golf4Beginners on Twitter with your tips!

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Working Golfer said...

Great advice. The new year always brings out the "I want to buy the new equipment coming out" feelings. As a beginning golfer, I always made the mistake of watching commercials and buying the "new" technology off the rack. After my first fitting, I won't buy clubs any other way. Getting fit helps every golfer, especially beginners. Pros could hit almost anything and play well. We all need clubs suited for us.

Golf for Beginners said...

Getting fit for the right golf equipment makes all the difference in my game, as I learned after playing with my new sticks. Thanks for your comments...well said.


Anonymous said...

I did not expect that I would find a reply here. Thanks!