Thursday, February 17, 2011

What makes a good golf blog and more questions answered by Golf for Beginners

What makes a good golf blog?

Recently I was asked this question (and more) by the folks over at Leaderboard Golf, a new website aiming to be "the authority for golf online."

Although the number of golf blogs has greatly expanded since Golf for Beginners hit the internet back in 2004, I believe that all memorable golf blogs have certain commonalities: they question what they read/see and hear, offer you an opinion and make you want to comment. Isn't that what blogging is all about?

Check out the new Leaderboard Golf website and feel free to click on the Stacy Solomon: Golf for Beginners Interview where you'll also find out about my favorite professional golfing moment and my goals for 2011!

Most people who read Golf for Beginners and connect with me via Twitter and Facebook, also know that I utilize social media and believe that this growing medium is changing the way business is conducted on the internet.

In the premier issue of 914Inc Magazine, I offer up two easy ways to attract followers on Twitter. Dave Donelson, author of five books including his most recent novel, Heart of Diamonds, also discusses the benefits of Facebook and LinkedIn as integral parts of a saavy marketers online presence.

Click here to read "OMG U R on Fire!" written by Dave Donelson.

A hearty thank you to both Leaderboard Golf, @Leaderboard on Twitter and to Dave Donelson who is both on Facebook and on Twitter as @TheDynamicMgr.


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Stacy Solomon said...

I don't mind answering your questions...go ahead, ask me!

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