Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is the new Adidas aG Strike Golf Bag a stand-out?

Considered the "hero" of the 2011 Adidas Golf Bag Collection, the aG Strike Stand Bag is lightweight and durable, loaded with basic comforts and thoughtful details which will please even the most demanding golfer.

I really put this golf bag through its paces (sorry Adidas) hoisting it in and out of my car with the help of the easy-grip handle, but unfortunately it collided bottom first onto the ground a few times.

I tried to be gentle with my new stand bag but happy that Adidas had me in mind when they constructed the aG Stand Bag with double-stitched seams and strong binding on the base cuff of the bag. The sturdy non-slip rubber grips on the bottom of the arms and the crush-resistance of the bag are also appreciated!

From a woman's perspective, the lighter weight (4.3 lbs) and not-too bulky anti-fatigue straps really make a difference carrying the bag as well as putting it on/taking it off during the round. The six-way compressed nylon top, four-way full-length dividers were useful in minimizing contact between my clubs although I found that, when my round goes awry, I don't really pay much attention where that 7-iron of my mental errors which I am constantly working to improve!

Colorful and stylish, the new Adidas aG Strike Golf Bag will not disappoint the golf fashionista! Although my choice of color was the red/charcoal/gray combo (red for the Tiger Woods in me), there are other great combinations to match your outfits (and your grips): Black/Charcoal/Blue, Black/White.

There are also external slots for pen and umbrella, an insulated water bottle sleeve, an in-pocket hook for your keys, large pocket for your sweater when the temperature rises and even pull cords for every zipper making it easy to open and close each pocket. Seven pockets in total with plenty of places to store your golf accessories including a velour-lined space for your valuables.

Speaking of pocket fillers, the folks at Adidas Golf were really thinking of the consumer when they came up with the new FAS-TEK system (Fast Action Snap Technology.) Instead of fumbling through your pants pockets searching for GPS and/or cell phone, you can attach your goodies directly to the golf bag and have your GPS at your fingertips! Although sold separately, this is one innovative way that Adidas can help you "trick-out" your golf bag.

One of the niftiest items attached to my new Adidas aG Strike Stand Bag, in my opinion, is a ball marker with cut-outs of a star, line and circle. Several smiley faces adorn my golf ball so, as you can see, this added touch on the Adidas golf bag caught the eye of this female golfer!

Of course the Adidas Golf aG Strike Stand Bag is a stand-out for the most discerning male or female golf enthusiast and, believe me when I say, women make the toughest critics!

Here is more information on the TaylorMade/Adidas aG Strike Stand Bag:

Price on TaylorMade Golf Website: $139.99

Features & Specs:
  • Convenient and sturdy top handle
  • EVA Foam ergonomically correct shoulder straps with velour lining
  • 7 Total Pockets
  • Insulated water bottle sleeve
  • Velour Lind valuables pouch with internal key clip
  • Foam padded hip pad with Air Flow channel for maximum comfort
  • Anit-Slip Actuator on base of bag for increased stability
  • Umbrella slot
  • External pen slot
  • Three FAS-TEK receivers

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