Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Top Golf Travel Destinations from Conde Nast - Fact or Phony?

The Top 80 Golf Travel Destinations in the June edition of Conde Nast Magazine were taken to task by golf and travel writer Larry Olmstead who has trouble understanding why some of golf courses and "dream destinations" were left off the list. These vacation hot spots, mentions Conde Nast, were chosen by thousands of resort golfers based on varying standards from course design, golf staff, rooms and service, dining and location.

The subjective nature of the article should hardly be perceived of as "stupid journalism" and should only be considered as a guideline for golfers sitting on the fence about where to travel and what golf courses to consider.

Four Seasons Resort, Maui at Wailea, Blue Course

In his first article about the "stupid in golf journalism", Olmstead states that, "a single respondent can make the difference between a property being ranked among the best in the world or being left off the list."

In his third tirade against the Conde Nast Magazine article, Mr. Olmstead continues to make a few serious points regarding omissions to the list and "how many will actually buy plane tickets and make reservations and tee times, and in the process, how many will get ripped off and waste their time. I especially pity those who will arrive at the “best” golf resort to find little or no golf at all."

The poll was based upon golf travelers' personal experiences and, although some people may disagree with the results, this should be considered as a "bucket list" of sorts, where golfers can check venues off the list, if lucky enough, not a "be-all-and-end-all" guide when traveling through Arizona, Hawaii, South Carolina and Florida.

I see Hilton Head Island Marriott is listed for example and, although I have enjoyed several vacations in South Carolina, both in Hilton Head and throughout Myrtle Beach, I cannot discount nor give this vacation spot accolades.

Therefore, when you peruse through the golf destinations on this list, use it as a "thought-provoker" and then get on the internet or ask friends and travel agents but make sure to do your research!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe they left some of the other top courses in Minnesota out of the list. I just played Legacy course and almost got a hole in one on the 214yrd 16th hole.... I used my new adams 3 hybrid golf clubs and knocked it within 18 inches... best shot of my life!

Stacy Solomon said...

Ooh, almost a hole in one is very exciting!

Hybrids are very easy golf clubs to use. They cut through grass well with a great sweeping motion. Great choice for those golfers who don't hit a good long iron (me included!)

villa moraira said...

Golf is one of my favorite games..i just love to play this game....Grass cutting properly matters a lot in this.....i like it..!!

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