Wednesday, June 18, 2008

U.S. Open Pressure-Tiger Woods persevered, Phil Mickelson collapsed and Rocco Mediate had fun with it. Adidas, "golf equipment for your eyes" and Stac

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Poor Tiger Woods! Yes, he has won his fourth U.S. Open but was it at the expense of his knee? Is winning a trophy more important that your health? The answer? Season-ending knee surgery!

Tiger's message to his adoring fans let on that his injury is more aggravated than he made it look this week.

"I think I need to shut it down for a little bit. I pushed it pretty hard this week and I just want to enjoy it. And we're going to reevaluate after this event and see what happens," claimed a tightlipped Woods who may have been grimacing from the inside but, with his elevated mental focus, it was anyone's guess as to what was really going on after twisting his knee on several occasions this past week.

That focus and determination to not allow any distractions was best related by Tiger's dad, Earl, during a Nike commercial that aired for Father's Day weekend in which dad related to both his son and the audience, "I promise you that you will never meet another person as mentally tough as you your entire life. And he hasn't, and he never will."

This week's Golf for Beginners podcast wonders how Tiger Woods can remain so steadfast in his determination to win a golf tournament while Phil Mickelson, who mentally and physically prepared for this event, fell apart. Other players such as Rocco Mediate and Lee Westwood didn't feel the pressure as much believing that they were "long shots" in the event.

This week's show also reviews the latest advances in golf-specific eyewear from Adidas. The new Adivista sunglasses for men and Adilibria Shield for women should be viewed as necessary golf equipment rather than just fashion-forward apparel, although the fact that Natalie Gulbis had input into the design of the women's glasses truly make them hotter than the average eyewear!

Both Adivista and Adilibria Shield are super-comfortable to wear and protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays with UV protection, offering scratch and fog-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Listen to this week's show to hear why we recommend these new Adidas sunglasses and why you should try them too!

Finally, while testing my new Adilibria Shield sunglasses in the sand trap (where it did a fabulous job of protecting my eyes against particles of sand), alas, it couldn't help me to get out of the sand. I wonder if Adidas can help find a cure for my sand trap woes?

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