Monday, August 13, 2007

Will Daly's six-pack and Mickelson's roll of the dice challenge Woods for FedEx cup, RedEye i330 laser putter update, deep rough maneuvers and more!

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Even though Phil Mickelson resumed a practice regimen for the PGA Championship, it still wasn't enough to beat (or even compete against) Tiger Woods, who won his thirteenth career major after a sweltering weekend at Southern Hills.

Did practice make a difference for Mickelson or should he have taken the "John Daly approach", going in cold after a diet of casino play and cold beer? Both Mickelson and Daly finished with a +6 after four rounds of play and both appeared to be in good spirits afterwards with Phil claiming, "I don't want to be hard on myself because, for a couple, I wasn't able to make the swings and hit the shots I needed to try to hit," feeling that his Players Championship victory is "what salvaged the year for me."

John Daly, ever optimistic commented, "It was a good week, just take small steps."

Mickelson looked confused and tired. Should he have just said, "the heck with it" and played agressively this weekend? Mickelson would have probably had more fun and may have scored better! Although Daly's approach to Southern Hills finished with the same results, in the end, Daly looked like he played the better game.

So what's next for Phil Mickelson? He says he's excited about the FedEx Cup playoffs but will we see a showdown between Lefty and Tiger Woods? My guess is that Woods will walk away with the ten million dollars although Daly is always an unknown.

This week on Golf for Beginners we give you an update on Barry's progress with the RedEye i330 laser putter, golf tips on dealing with the rough and how to stop topping the ball.

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