Monday, November 07, 2005

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I know it has been quite some time since I have written a golf blog at this site. Somehow I thought that I could accomplish more if I had my own web address. I have owned the name Golf for Beginners with the hopes of somehow turning it into some magnificent website complete with all of the bells and whistles.

Little did I realize that there are so many other great bloggers out there in blog heaven that I would be terribly overshadowed by them. Still I continue my quest to blog. And I will also continue to write about my favorite subject golf but I don't really know where this is all taking me.

I do know one thing. I really love the sport. I take it seriously. Probably a bit too seriously for the people who I meet at the publinks. Suffice it to say that my interest in the sport totally eclipses most women's ongoing interest on the public courses. But that is what makes me special.

I intend to take my bloggings with me if I can and post most of my earlier golf bloggings here. That will take some time. But since winter is fast approaching I have plenty of time to update this site and at the very least keep my older blogs (going back one year!).

My current venture is learning how to podcast. Rudimentary knowledge of podcasting has allowed me to place three distinct podcasts on itunes. The feed can be found at: I doubt that this address will change but since I am currently in a state of flux, who knows?

We shall see what new beginnings are in store for me in 2006.

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