Sunday, October 16, 2005

Looking Forward to Watching the Samsung World Championship

Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis sure have their work cut out for them today.
Michelle Wie is hot on the trail of the top female golfers in the world and she's only sixteen!

Annika doesn't really do her best on Sundays. That's why, during the past few days, Annika has built a solid lead. When she slips up a bit today, those extra points will come in handy.

Okay so Annika may NOT slip up's just a prediction.

As I'm watching the Samsung right now I notice that Michelle Wie has turned up the pressure and is now in double digits with only Gloria Park and Sorenstam ahead of her. The 65 she shot the other day really proves that the Hawaiian has the "stuff" to be great. Wie also chokes a bit under pressure so I'm waiting to see whether or not she pulls through...oops, she just bogeyed and dropped back to 9-under. Okay, I'm just proving my choking theory while writing.

And what has happened to Cristie Kerr? Cristie has had her medical problems, that's no secret. Kerr still has two wins this season under her belt so I guess she rebounds well when she keeps her eye on the prize.

But nobody is putting any real pressure on the Swede who has won this event four times. Looks like Annika might surprise herself and win this event an unprecedented FIVE times!!

Holy Smokes!

In the last 8 leads going in to the final round Annika has pummeled her competition and has won. If she gets off to a hot start here she will clinch another title. I saw the crystal trophy and its worth the effort!
Could it be because Annika regularly plays this particular golf course? I read in my local newspaper, the Journal News, that Annika has a piece of property on Big Horn Golf Course..hmmm...
There was a delay for about an hour or so which changes the mental game of the girls as they sit and think too much...yet another problem...sitting and thinking instead of just going out there and putting it all on remote control.

Gloria Park had to take an unplayable. The other day Park had a snowman. It's good watching the best in the world choke a bit. It makes our bad shots just a little more bearable.
Natalie Gulbis is another rookie...only 22-years-old! She now takes the prize as the number one player who hasn't won a tournament this season. Okay, no real prize but her situation sounds a bit like shades of Phil Mickelson. Mickelson happens to be my favorite golfer to those that haven't read through my Golf-for-Beginners website and just pick up this weekly feed.
So as the action is just beginning I'm hoping for a read duel between the LPGA's top golfers and newly professional and newly VERY WEALTHY Michelle Wie. I hope the battle is hot and not a runaway. Sorenstam's lead was four entering the final round and now it's five.
I also hope that the LPGA becomes more popular and people realize that great golfers don't always have to hit the ball 400 yards like on the PGA Tour. Sometimes finesse and grace are better taught by females. ;-)
To be continued...

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