Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Danielle Amiee Wins Big Break III

But what about golf beginner Pam Crikelair?

For all of the people who watched the Big Break III on Tuesday nights, most were disappointed when Danielle Amiee won last night. Personally, I think the best person at the time won, and although I didn't like her attitude and how she tried to psyche out 2nd placer Pam Crikelair, she did finally win.

But what about Pam, the Westchester County native who is also a golf beginner? According to Pam, she never even OWNED a set of golf clubs as recently as three years ago! AND, she made it into the finals of a very grueling competition. As Pam stated, "This is what I wanted to do before the show and it's still what I want to do now".

So, how can a beginner at golf make it to the level of competition that a girl that Danielle Amiee, Futures Tour player, did? Is it in her genes or was it alot of practice...Crikelair responded, "The experience was like nothing I could have prepared for. Just the anxiety and stress and emotions of it. We didn't realize how intense and how difficult it would be in that sense. But, sometimes stress is alot of fun."

Constantly being badgered by the outspoken Aimee didn't help Pam's spirit at all, but she perservered and came out in the number two spot regardless.

So, whenever you golf beginners think that you can't do something, be reminded of Pam Crikelair who, against all odds, almost won the Big Break III competition with all heart and a very solid mental attitude.

Read more about Danielle Amiee and Pam Crikelair and Amiee's challenge to win at the Michelob Ultra Open, her first LPGA event!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mickelson at Pebble Beach:Wins Back-to-Back on the PGA Tour

Not even Mike Weir could stop the charge that came from Phil Mickelson at the 2005 Pebble Beach Pro Am this past weekend.

Canadian Weir came close with the best round of the day, a 5-under 67. Even when Phil dropped his lead down to 4 strokes after bogeying on the ninth and tenth holes, he rebounded with a birdie on the 11th. This was the shot he needed to regain confidence in his game and finally win for the second time this year.

Mickelson is no stranger to dramatic finishes.
He rarely plays it safe, although when he does, he winds up easily demolishing the competition. For the first 3 rounds, Phil pushed through all of the competitors in the field, at one time having a 7 shot lead.

This is Mickelson's 25th win on the PGA Tour.
Now at over $2 million in earnings, he sits atop the money list, with Singh and Tiger trailing in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Mickelson is now also the world's 4th ranked player, overtaking Retief Goosen with last week's win at the FBR Open.

Phil will now rest for one week. He will not play at the Nissan Open, where Mike Weir will defend his title. Tiger will be among the PGA Tour players in the field, so look for an action-packed tournament.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Playing Golf with Friends

Yesterday I went out with a friend of mine, a senior men's player, who originally insisted (last season) that I should play from the white tees. I took his advice and haven't looked back since. However good his intentions were, and however well they worked for me, I cannot say that you should do the same.

I find that playing with friends (including my golf buddy) although they may have good intentions, always try to give you advice during a round of golf. During one hole, he stood behind me, waiting for me to hit my shot (driver off the tee) only to tell me that I looked a little off balance and "'s how to fix it".

Although might have seen a problem in that shot, I chose not to listen and to proceed with my round. That's my advice to you...

Make sure to block out all golf talk, from well-meaning friends to those who try to "trash talk" know what I mean. There's always someone in the crowd who wants to tell you how great their round is or how you shouldn't hit left because of that bunker straight ahead...etc.

DON'T LISTEN! Try to block all extraneous noise out and concentrate on how nice the day is or on a special song you've been carrying on in your head.