Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Big Break III - Felicia, say hello to Tasha!

I had a feeling that Felicia would be the next golfer off the show. She talked a good talk, but that's not all there is. She couldn't come through under pressure. Hey, Felicia, I'll golf with you anytime!
And, cheers to Westchester Pam! Nice EAGLE! The first in your career? C'mon...
What about Cindy? She doesn't seem as confident as I thought she'd be, especially since she was on the LPGA Tour in the 70's. Okay, 30 years have passed, but I guarantee that Cindy (as well as the rest of the ladies) practice ALOT!
Danielle did reasonably well this week, of course being pretty and having a terrific impact position help her - we'll keep you around Danielle - good going!
BUT, could Debbie Dahmer be the overall champ? Seems like a possibility to to me. Of course, Debbie picked up golf around 28, and I didn't pick up a club until the year 2000!
It's only my 5th year on a golf course and I'm now drilling my drives from the white tees! You should be seeing me on the Big Break V...

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